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Do you require a native, custom iOS, Windows, or Android app? Prefer a responsive, cross-platform web app? Need a secure backend? No matter what you’re looking for, when it comes to app design and development, we can offer all. Where others struggle hard, we flourish. As a pioneering Singapore app design and development company, we have extensive experience in making feature-packed, high-performance native applications for every major mobile platform, including Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

Companies and individuals choosing us for their mobile application development needs could rest assured that their ultimate deliverable, regardless of the technology it is built on, will always be secure, sustainable, and scalable in whatever setting it is hosted. With us, you get the right worth for your wealth. Our highly reliable and cost-effective services guarantee that you get the highest returns on your investment.

Our teams are comprised of an exclusively-experienced and varied group of capable individuals who are quite well-versed in technical workings of different mainstream platforms. We intend to help your brand or business create as well as launch an app that satisfies business needs, offers an intuitive user experience, and which launches to your particular audience successfully. We will be with you, in each step of your way, with a thorough process that keeps you informed as well as your app’s project on the track.

Our big team of developers and creatives get to know the identity and objectives of your company personally so that they’re an important part of each stage of our app design as well as the development procedure. We have years of experience and expertise in making mobile apps. Our qualified developers can use the best and latest of what these platforms have to provide. We owe a huge experience, and we’ve mastered the app development. And we are now spreading this mastery together with our associates.

iOS Mobile App Development Singapore

eSource is a full-stack iOS app development company. Our skilled team of iOS mobile app developers has worked with a vast range of projects in different industries. Whether you are looking for iOS applications for business, entertainment, news, gaming, or something else, we help you achieve your goal by delivering a high-end iOS mobile app.

Whatever the idea of iOS device, our remarkable team can award-wining apps that help you meet your goals. We can develop feature-rich mobile apps for a wide range of iOS device including: Our excellent team makes us a leading iOS app development company in Singapore. Our team comprises of iOS app developers, apple watch developers, iPad developers, iPad Pro developers, Swift developers and ARKit developers.

Android Mobile App Development Singapore

We develop user friendly and customer driving android applications to boost your sales and build brand awareness. Organizations realized about the importance of mobile app like how they think about web development as first priority of online presence and for online marketing. As there is rapid growth in android apps usage and market, it is essential to develop customer centric and competitive to meet your targeted business need. We understand your strategic planning and market to cover before developing an app.

The process flow in every mobile app development company will be through Planning, designing, developing, app testing & hosting on server then publishing on Google Play Store. We also provide app maintenance according to market change and customer expectations to stay ahead of competition.

We not only excel in making iPhone apps of highest standards, we also have the same high success rate in making apps for android and we make them better than anyone else in the industry. We take pride in delivering superior quality mobile app solutions as we always try to exceed our client's expectations with our solutions. We fuse your vision of a android app development company with our advancement in Mobile Application technology and expertise to construct a powerful, brilliant, and elite Android application that satisfies the needs of your users:

The sum of our competence, ingenuity, simulative graphics and durable code signifies the capability of our graphic designers and the talent of our Android development team to bring your vision to life.

Flutter Mobile App Development Singapore

Being one of the best proponents of iPhone, Android and Windows apps in Singapore. App Developers is offering top-notch class app development services for Flutter cross-platform as well.

Complete with a rich widget, framework, and tools in comparison with other hybrid frameworks, Flutter allows app developers in Singapore to create a stunning app for iOS and Android platforms. It allows the building and deployment of UI with animations with a single codebase. Thus, reducing the extra costs of an interpreter and resulting in the fastest code delivery with efficient, pure native performance.

So, if you want to turn your idea into a brilliant cross-platform app, then hire Flutter app developers from Singapore and get high-quality and functionally-rich Flutter app development solutions for your business.

Xamarin App Development Company Singapore

Xamarin is an excellent tool for mobile app development. Its framework brings .NET and C# to both Android and iOS platforms. Even the runtime delivers completely native app builds unlike other built over cross-platform mobile application development frameworks. And more importantly, the apps run on any leading mobile platform without compromising the performance.

In today’s digital era, mobile applications are the necessity of businesses, keeping this in mind app developers a Xamarin app development company in Singapore helps you leverage the native features of the platform to develop elegant and robust cross-platform applications to stay ahead in the competition. Here are a few reasons why you need Xamarin app development for your business:

We at IndianAppDevelopers accelerate mobile app development process with high-quality mobility solutions with Xamarin. With several certified in-house Xamarin app developers, we help you solve real-life problems in quick time with reduced development costs. Here is how and why you can hire Xamarin app developers in Singapore as per your business requirement.

Wearable App Development Company Singapore

Wearable Technology has opened up a new space in the mobile industry. Devices such as Apple Watch, Android wear, Google Glass, Smart Watch, and healthcare wearables have taken the market by storm and their popularity is only growing with time. With this innovation, businesses need to adapt and understand the changing needs and expectations of the consumers to stay ahead of the competition and market trends. No wonder, wearable apps are gaining extensive popularity today and wearable app development services are in high demand.

eSource is a forward-thinking company that offers a whole range of mobile app development services, while working on innovative technologies including wearable technology. We create feature-rich apps for wearable devices for both Android and iOS platforms and transform your existing app into wearable-compatible one as per the business requirement. Our experience spans diverse industries which makes us capable of delivering custom solutions that are a perfect match for your business, irrespective of the domain it belongs to.

Ionic App Development Company Singapore

Ionic the cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development framework can be deployed on multiple platforms. Ionic is a preferred choice because HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS would run on mobile for the years to come. The reputed App developers in Singapore develop mobile applications with ionic as it works on multiple devices and operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. The Ionic enabled mobile apps are extremely user-friendly as they are created on the base of AngularJS.

We are one of the industry-leading Ionic app development companies. who combine with AngularJS, HTML5, and CSS to unleash the complete potential for developing the hybrid mobile app.

IoT App Development Company Singapore

Since the launch of IoT concept, we have assimilated the resources and capabilities to deliver an extensive array of IoT apps across the globe. Our bespoke solutions have left numerous organizations with transformational and substantial growth. We develop every IoT app with an aim to augment the quality of manual intervention and transform it into advanced operating competencies. Being a renowned IoT app development company, we help companies identify the processes they can IoTize and develop competent solutions around it to deliver intelligent performance. All our apps are known for seamlessly connecting and interacting with various IoT devices, thus proffering real-time, integrated and connected digital experiences.

Mobile Application Development Process

App Strategy
We carry out Application Strategy visioning workshop which is focused on bringing alignment between key stakeholders and overall goals of the application, business needs and choice of technologies. We evaluate numerous mobility platforms and frameworks to choose the most suitable options. We conceptualize the mobile app lifecycle. The outcome of which is a clear Application strategy & roadmap report. Our mobile app development solutions start with app conceptualization and remain throughout complete app life cycle.

The UI/UX expectations are high for mobile apps and need strong creative designing and development capabilities to build such solutions. We have a dedicated UI / UX team with both consumer & enterprise focus. The team works on emerging mobility technologies (augmented reality, mobile payments, wearable technologies, etc.) and we build solutions which accelerate time to market.

At our mobile application development services company, we provide end-to-end mobile app designing, development and testing services across multiple platforms. We have skilled developers that have implemented various mobile apps making use of mobile implementation methodology that have resulted in robust mobile app deployments. We develop Native Mobile Apps, Hybrid Mobile apps, Cross Platform app as well as Mobile web apps. Whether it is mobile application development services for a new app or an existing app, we take full responsibility of delivery certainty.

We perform end to end testing of the mobile apps. We carry out Manual/ Automated testing, and compatibility testing. We test the server performance and on device performance along with security testing and cross functional testing to make sure we deliver the perfect mobile app. We also test the API behind the mobile solution.

Our mobile app maintenance services across various platforms include services such as Operational Level Support, Feature extensions, performance enhancements. Irrespective of the Platform we perform all maintenance functions for iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian.

We promptly assist you in successful, easy and quick upgrades of applications on newer platforms as they arrive. At times it becomes important to upgrade your app, rather than spending huge amounts on developing new apps and risking investments.


The first question which comes to a business owner’s mind, as soon as he decides to hire an app developers company, is how much will it cost to make the App? Now, there is no particular answer to this question as the cost of creating an app depends on several factors, and can cost anything from $1,000 to $100,000+. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of factors which influence the cost of a mobile application.

What type of application do you want? Is it a react native application or a hybrid application? The cost of developing a hybrid App is comparatively low to a native App as a single code will work for all the platforms. However, it will lack a couple of features as fewer customization options are available for developing a hybrid app.

The category is another major factor which influences the development cost of an app. For instance, a shopping portal will have high-end database connectivity, access to the user’s camera, voice recognition system, payment gateway, and therefore its development cost will be high. On the other hand, a simple mobile application which relies on the smartphone’s firmware, such as a camera with customized filters, will cost less.

What features are you looking forward to integrating into your application? Do you want database connectivity or a payment system or access to user’s hardware? Maybe you are looking forward to launching a game which embeds technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality. With an increase in the requirement of advanced and customized features, the cost will increase as well.

Will your app have a user login system? If yes, then you need to make sure that user’s data is secured. To do so, an integration of a user authentication/authorization system is necessary. The cost of developing a non-secured application is significantly low than an app integrating a security system.

Third-Party App Integration
Let us say, an e-commerce app with secured payment option is the idea of your application. Now, rather than developing a dedicated payment gateway from scratch, it is better to integrate third-party payment gateways which are already being used worldwide and are secure. However, this integration will also increase the development cost of your application.

There’s no fixed price tag for the development process of an application. However, let our experts generate a customized quote by analyzing your business requirements.

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