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What is a Web Portal Development Services?

Web Portals are very different from websites. They offer a completely different experience in their usability. A Web portal is a site that acts as a point of information access on the Web. Hence, a web portal compiles and presents information. from a plethora of sources on a unified platform. Not only are they a “one-stop information destination”. But they also present a consistent look and feel with access control. and procedures for many applications. which otherwise would have been completely unattached and treated separately.

Web portals provide a comfortable, customizable, and intuitive web interface. for users to access information and services of their interest. Yahoo, AOL, MSN are a few examples of well-known web portals.

eSource Software has developed customized portal solutions.

Such as
  • variety of e-commerce portals,
  • Enterprise portals,
  • Content Management portals,
  • Hospitality portals,
  • Educational portals,
  • Research portals,
  • Industry-specific vortals.

eSource Software has expertise in the following areas of web portal software:

  • Intranet portals: Intranets and corporate portals developed by eSource. It helps strong internal communication among employees of an organization. And allow storage and access of databases, memos, and internal communication.
  • B2C portals: B2C portals showcase a company's products and services. Options like online shopping, billing, and credit card processing feature ease e-commerce.
  • B2B portals or partner portals: eSource has developed applications for B2B portals. That serve as a customized, on-demand platform. For sharing proprietary and critical business information among partners or across supply chains.

Web portal design company Malaysia

Web is full of information and knowledge and there are many ways to retrieve. Web portal is one of the easy and resourceful modes that offer various resources and services like such as e-mail, forums, search engines, and online shopping malls that help the user of portal to interact with individuals and groups spread over the internet. Web portal is the website that could be personal or enterprise portals are also available to feed the online world with information related to different fields. Locations in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor

eSource Software offers its experience to build interactive, innovative & efficient portal solutions for their clients. eSource Software offer portal development solutions according to customized needs of clients, to various industry verticals i.e.

> Job portal Development Malaysia
> Entertainment Portal Development
> B2B portal development
> B2C portal development
> E-commerce Portal
> Shopping Cart Portal Development Malaysia, USA, Europe, Denmark, Norway, Germany
> Enterprise Portals
> Corporate Intranet Portals
> Online Travel portal (web site)
> JOB Site Web Portal
> Knowledge Portal Development

Our Web Portal Development services include:

  • New web portal development services and integration
  • Customized application development for an existing web portal
  • Integrating third party applications. Such as payment gateways, open source interactive modules etc.
  • B2B web portal development providing web services.. like e-commerce application with shopping cart
  • B2C portal web portal development providing single point of contact to the users. To access wide array of useful information

We have an expert team of professionals. working on development of Intranet portals, Extranet, enterprise as well as public portals. We have experience of developing the following portals:

  • Yellow Pages/ Web Directory Development
  • Dynamic News System Portal Development
  • Matrimonial Portal Development
  • Job portal Development
  • e-Commerce Portal Development
  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • Real estate Portal Development
  • Travel portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development
  • Classifieds Portal Development
  • Social Networking Portal Development
  • Video Site Portal Development

Our expertise allows building portal solutions. that combine information access and content distribution with collaboration. workflow management and social networking mechanisms. Our architecture weaved to provide regular improvements, functional extensions. and new systems to support your business growth. We provide full support of SOA principles. Use standardized protocols and develop transparent and well-documented custom APIs.

Service Locations:

To Help Small & Medium, size Business run a successful marketing campaign in the US,UK, Australia ,Singapore Canada & India, by providing them the tremendous potential of Web design portal & Web portal Development strategies and also assist them in building their customer base to strengthen relations and reach their respective goals. We service a range of companies ranging from small to large corporates (mainly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). We have also undertaken web design projects for other Malaysian clients in Johor, Kedah - Alor Setar, Kelantan, Pahang, Perak - Ipoh, Perlis, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan - Seremban - Port Dickson, Sabah, Sarawak – Kuching, Selangor, Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur ., as well as non-Malaysian clients in Bucharest, Romania, Cape Town, South Africa, Milan, Italy, Bogota, Colombia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Budapest, Hungary, Brussels, Belgium, Lyon, France, Lisbon, Portugal, Los Angeles, USA, Frankfurt, Germany, Nice, France, Prague, Czech Republic, Oslo, Norway, Seoul, South Korea, Dublin, Ireland, Reykjavik, Iceland, Vienna, Austria, Sydney, Australia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago, Chile, Hong Kong, Cologne, Germany, Paris, France, Seattle, USA, Barcelona, Spain, Madrid, Spain, Istanbul, Turkey, New York, Tokyo, Japan, Zurich, Switzerland, Warsaw, Poland, Munich, Germany, Vancouver, Canada, Toronto, Canada, Austin, USA, Singapore, Melbourne, Australia, San Francisco, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Copenhagen, Denmark, Boston, London, UK, Bengaluru, India, Stockholm, Sweden, Helsinki, Finland, Berlin, Germany. Wherever you are located, drop us a line if you feel we can help you.

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