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Smart Phones are indeed necessary for today’s generation as the digital revolution is spreading its wings and smartphones are one of the most revolutionary products of all time. A mobile app has immense power to bring in more customers and set up a great connection with customers. It’s high time for companies to embrace this change and indulge mobile app in their business to step up their business game. Mobile app development is a perfect profitable deal. If you are curious and you are willing for a great success and profit on this platform. If yes, then you are on the right track and with the right people. eSource is the one-stop destination for all your mobile app development needs including android app development, iOS app development and window application development. eSource is the top leading mobile app development company in Kuala Lumpur having the team of professionally qualified staff to fulfil all your business needs with perfection. We create the best mobile apps of any complexity or intensity. eSource is working for years in the same field and having rich experience as well as smart tricks and tactics that will add the feather in one's cap and give you the best mobile app developing experience. eSource is one of the fastest growing mobile app developing company in Kuala Lumpur having the 100+ happy and satisfied customers. Mobile app development is one of our expertise areas including ECommerce, Retail, Multimedia, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Advertising, and many more. eSource believes in empowering business with smart and unique strategies that make you ahead of your competitors.

eSource Solutions is a highly professional and well-reputed mobile application development in industry and popular among our clients for our timely delivery of the projects. Launch your mobile apps with us to enhance your branding and reputation.

iOS Mobile App Development Kuala Lumpur

Our iPhone app development team can assist you in every phase of iPhone and iPad app development, simplifying the complex software development process so your team can concentrate on the things that matter. From fleshing out an idea to submitting a finalized mobile application into the iTunes app store, we have the experience to build your dream app on-budget and on schedule. eSource Software’s combined expertise in design and development ensures that your iPhone app reaches the iTunes app store with everything it needs to exceed stakeholder &s; Customer's expectations. Consultations are free and we are always happy to talk about your project.

Android Mobile App Development Kuala Lumpur

Esource team of tech veterans can guide you through the twists and turns of Android app development, simplifying an often convoluted and complex process. From fleshing out the business model to submitting a finalized app to the Google Play store, we have the experience to not only build your app, but ensure that it thrives in the competitive Android app marketplace.

Flutter Mobile App Development Kuala Lumpur

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop cross platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase. The first version of Flutter was known as codename "Sky" and ran on the Android operating system.

So, if you want to turn your idea into a brilliant cross-platform app, then hire Flutter app developers from Kuala Lumpur and get high-quality and functionally-rich Flutter app development solutions for your business.

Xamarin App Development Company Kuala Lumpur

Xamarin is an open-source platform for building modern and performant applications for iOS, Android, and Windows with .NET. Xamarin is an abstraction layer that manages communication of shared code with underlying platform code. Xamarin runs in a managed environment that provides conveniences such as memory allocation and garbage collection.

Xamarin enables developers to share an average of 90% of their application across platforms. This pattern allows developers to write all of their business logic in a single language (or reuse existing application code) but achieve native performance, look, and feel on each platform.

Xamarin applications can be written on PC or Mac and compile into native application packages, such as an .apk file on Android, or an .ipa file on iOS.

Wearable App Development Company Kuala Lumpur

Wearable technology (WT) and mobile applications (apps) are providing support for continuous health monitoring of people in a wide range of diseases, including psychological and physical.

The future mobile applications for wearables would provide real-time modernise to users and concerned professionals (e.g. doctors) about the contemporary state of the users. Such real time communication can also enable enterprises to monitor and give instructions to staff.

Your Apple Watch and Fitbit are classic examples of wearable technology, but those aren't the only devices being developed today. In addition to smart watches, VR and AR technology, smart jackets and a wide variety of other gadgets are leading us towards a better connected lifestyle.

Ionic App Development Company Kuala Lumpur

An open source mobile UI toolkit for building high quality, cross-platform native and web app experiences. Move faster with a single code base, running everywhere with JavaScript and the Web.

Ionic’s UI components look great on all mobile devices and platforms. Start with pre-made components, typography, and a base theme that adapts to each platform.Ionic lets developers to ship apps to the app stores and as a PWA with a single code base. With Adaptive Styling, apps look and feel at home on every platform.Create, build, test, and deploy your app with the Ionic CLI. Take advantage of Live Reload, deployments, integrations, and even use your favorite JS framework’s CLI.Ionic is built to perform and run fast on the all of the latest mobile devices. Build blazing fast apps with a small footprint and built-in best practices like hardware accelerated transitions, touch-optimized gestures, pre-rendering, and AOT compiling.

IoT App Development Company Kuala Lumpur

IoT Mobile App Development Best Practices: Automation, Wearables, Healthcare and Connected Cars In the success of your IoT project, be it Home or Industrial Automation, Healthcare or Automotive, IoT Mobile App development plays a defining role. This is because IoT Mobile Application development, when done right, will help in streamlining your business operations and help in adding value to your demanding customer requirements.

Leverage our expertise in the development of IoT Mobile Applications to ensure that your digital transformation strategy is a runaway success!

Mobile Application Development Process

If you’re considering building a mobile app for your small to medium-sized business, you need to know exactly what it takes to execute. According to a recent study, about one in five SMBs have currently built a mobile app and about that many plan to launch one in 2016.

Discover, Market Research, And Mobile App Development software.
You may already have a few good mobile app ideas for your business, and that’s a good place to start. But before you move into the design and development phase, your first step should be a deep dive into research—into your own business and target audience, as well as that of your competitors.

Mobile App Goals and Objectives
This is a crucial step in the planning phase of your mobile app. Once you’ve determined an app will advance important objectives in your mobile marketing scheme, you need to map out how your app will get you there.

Wireframes and Storyboards
At this stage, you should have a pretty good idea about what your app will look like and what features you want to include. You should also have developed a scope of work—which pieces of the process will be performed in-house and which will be contracted out. Now it is time to start sketching out your app and creating a storyboard.

Defining the Backend of Your Mobile App
Your wireframes and storyboard will serve as a guide for the backend structures you’ll need to support your app—think APIs, data diagrams, servers, data integration, and push notification services. In many cases, SMEs find choosing a mobile backend as a service (BaaS) platform makes sense, since they solve common challenges such as scalability and lack of in-house talent.

Developing the App
Actually developing the app involves a number of steps and processes. If you aren’t using an app development platform or mobile BaaS provider, your developer will have to set up the actual storage solutions, databases, APIs, and servers for the backend of your app.

Test and Test Again
This is an exciting time in the app development lifecycle—you finally have a complete app concept with exciting graphics and perfectly placed text. Now you need to rigorously test your app in a variety of real-world scenarios to sniff out and correct any technical flaws.

Your official release date should represent the climax of your app marketing efforts up to this point. It’s time to create some buzz with write-ups and articles by influential bloggers and journalists—and to make an announcement to everyone who showed interest in your app prior to launch. Promote your release with an email blast and mentions (with links) on all your social media profiles. The idea is to generate downloads and ratings, and build some momentum.

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