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Being a highly experienced Web Design Company in penang, who have came across several industrial trends in the arena of designing and have served diversified industrial client base with our innovative and creative website designs that helped them to stand apart and rigid as a leader in their industry. We are highly concerned of our client’s growth and hence we create unique website designs in their site that not just project their uniqueness instead, it also drives them potential online traffic and helps to build a strong client base. Maintaining the information flow is the key towards a website’s success and we as a eccentric Web Designing Company in Penang, bring 100% navigability in the website design of your business to keep your visitors get sticked within the webpage. We take complete care of your website and design it in a way that would certainly impress your target audience. eSource is a passionate and result oriented digital marketing agency based in penang. From delivering high-end website design to executing highly successful digital marketing campaigns – we?re all ears to your needs.

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eSource Software is a best corporate web design Company in penang among others and cannot get away with a boring site anymore for posting job openings and press release. The web design of corporate website should be unique and dynamic that will represent your brand and offer content that will make the potential customers want to discover more about the products and services of a company. We at eSource Software offer amazing website design for professional and corporate Website services in penang. We make sure that the users have an outstanding browsing experience. We design websites that caters to the expectation of the user.Best Corporate web design Services in penang aims towards customized web design. We offer designs at a competitive rate. Our design solutions will give you an edge over your competitors. Our teams of professionals work to enhance the prospects of your business.We offer unique and exciting web design at prices which will suit your pocket. eSource Software has worked with numerous corporate firms. We incorporate multimedia features in the design which will help you to create a great impression in the mind of the customers.

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eSource Software Technologies knows the importance of research and development for web designs. Thus, our team does the required research and development to gather knowledge about the latest technologies. Our skilled professionals are trained in various spheres and can offer you the right solution depending on your country and industry. Your website is a significant marketing tool for your business and we make sure that you get it right. We know that the research phase of a business is essential since it helps in establishing if the problems are being solved in the right manner, testing the theories regarding what the target users require, and various other factors into consideration. We research and discover to have a better focus on what we are building and what else has to be included. We are top corporate web design company in penang offer all technologies. Our skilled professionals will predict the technological scope, security and interoperability, and scalability, with the system that already exists.

Creative Design

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Idea gets a visual life at the early stages of the project. Our skilled workers use their experience and creative ideas for creating something that is visually attractive. When we are done with the work, we hand over the website for review and feedback. We continue the process until the website is completely approved. Prior to starting a new web designing project, our experts consult the clients to gather all the required information about the organization, the product, the mission, the vision, and the target audience. This helps in forming a better idea about your project. eSource Software is a best corporate web design company in Malaysia has an expert team to build your corporate website with innovation. Our experts team provides you the best corporate web design service in Penang. Already your competitors having websites and it is high time for you to go online, you need to overtake a lot of healthy competitors to generate more potential leads, and without having any online presence it is merely impossible to achieve this height. Being an eccentric web design agency in penang, we create an excellent website that surpasses your competitor's standards.

Types Of Website Designing

Responsive Website Design

When most of the users access the web through mobile devices than traditional desktop, don’t be left behind with old website design. Up your business graph with the latest trendy responsive website design! Deliver an optimized experience to your customers whatever the device they use. eSource Web Solutions is the perfect place for making your responsive website design that will create word of mouth about our exceptional web design services to the future customers. Being one of the best website design and development companies in Penang we have wide experienced team able to make unique professional website design.

Mobile First Web Design

Mobile web design is the perfect alter of Mobile App for few business sectors. Understanding the difference between Mobile First & Mobile Responsive website makes you understand the benefits also. Mobile First is particularly designed for mobile audience to get more mobile users. If your customer segment is mostly from mobile medium, it is better to design website with “Mobile First Design” basis. Here, the half marketing done for your business. Mobile responsive will be designed with attractive theme, fonts, and images to get customers from desktop users, laptop users, Tablet users and Mobile Users. Here, the website will be made responsive for all the devices. But, in the mobile first design, your niche product and way to get connected with customers are integrated in the design. Here, designing starts from a mobile based layout. Not from the desktop based one. Our website designers in penang are well trained for designing both the model based on your business goal.

Static Website Design

You could see a lot of website types from basic to advanced one in the internet. At your initial stage of business, you may be confused about investing in which type of website design will work for you. Simple one or advanced one? As a leading web design company in Penang we would suggest start-up and small businesses to start with a static website. This is the right choice with low investment and short time of designing process. Though Static website is a basic web design type, we don’t compromise at quality. Your website will show your business up there like an experienced one in the Industry. We make sure that your website designed by us is ready to build reputation among visitors by exploring your quality of services/products. That’s the thing that should work best for every startup business to get new customers. Here, we make it done through simple website design. We make your website get connected to your customers easily and simply. When your website requires updates on existing web pages or addition of new pages, it could be done with us.

Dynamic Website Design

Having a website should be like an extension of your organization that carries out business processes. If not, then it’s time for you to look at your website design. Yes, of course static websites are very well opt for your small business, but if you want your website to meet growing business demand in later stages then dynamic website is the best one to fit with your present needs. Despite the fact that it is easier and quicker to load, the static website can become stagnant for your growth after a point of time. The dynamic web designing solutions offered by our top notch web designing company in Penang come up with websites that can be molded according to the likes and tastes of clients giving them a sense of personal belonging which helps to bring credibility and accolade with the website. Dynamic website development has an absolute administration panel where you can manage the content, from adding of products to latest updates. All these can be done without depending on a webmaster. Dynamic web design services carried out by our experts at eSource Web Solutions is just not adding strength to your website but also help you get the most possible solutions against of any odd in the online world.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is one of the best considered platforms for those who entered into the online business world. Whatever be your business vertical, WordPress can make your foundation crisp, neat and easily navigable. Being one of the highly skilled and professional web designers in Penang we ensure choosing the right WordPress theme that don’t overload your home page with content and make it best in visually appealing. With progressive approach and interesting footprints in the digital industry, our team of website design experts revolutionizes the way the websites are built in WordPress supercharge your online presence. With our custom WordPress website design and add sales aid to your business!

Ecommerce Web Design

With ecommerce website design being buzz in the retail industry, if you still don’t have your own website then you are definitely losing a lot of potential customers. As a professional ecommerce website design company in Penang we have the ability to build best ecommerce websites that promotes your product efficiently while delivering sales and success. We are specialized in creating virtual stores that have attractive templates, customized designs and highly secured payment gateway and ultimately your website speaks it all. At eSource Web solutions we help our clients to open up sales channels and craft feature rich ecommerce solutions that boost your business all over the world.

How web design companies offer website to their customers in Penang

Does the business need a website?
The question arises in your mind as to why we should design the web site.
A website is a great tool for you to easily let your customers know who you are or who you services in the online world of business. Just as a business name is needed to run a business, a website is essential to create a unique identity for yourself to impress your customers in the online world.

We first started our business as a professional web design company in Penang with a goal of what kind of services we should provide to customers first when we started our business. Our first thought was that no matter what the company, we understand that it is very important that they have a website that is up to date to improve their business. The role of the website is growing with the growth. When visitors come to us to design a business-friendly web site, we design their website with our website in mind first. This is because when we design a great website for them, they can get a lot of customers through that website so that they can build a reputation on our company. The biggest success of the business is the name they get from their customers. We want to get a good name from our customers. When we get a reputation from customers they have the opportunity to turn customers into customers for us. We design the website for our customers and we do our best not only to stop our service but also to improve the business and provide all the services that they can provide the best returns. For example, you are doing a service, you are choosing a blog company in Penang to design a web site suitable for your business, I have mentioned below what kind of services they will provide you after you choose. You will have some ideas on what kind of website you should design for your business or you will see what kind of website your competitors have. Similarly, you will tell the website company that I need to design a website with certain conditions.

A template is an image that will show you what a website looks like before it is designed. If you do not like the template shown, they will design and show you some other templates. Simply put, a template will show you a picture of what your website will look like before you design it. If you do not like the template they will show some other image, if there are any changes they will make changes and then start designing the website. Domain and hosting:The name of the website is often just the name of a worker.
Social media page:After designing a loop suitable for your business, pages for your business on social media will be created.
Analytics: Doing them in your business is a simple way to easily understand how many customers visit your website and how often they visit your page.
Logo Design: If the company is a new company they will do all kinds of services like logo and graphics for your company.
Digital Marketing : If you want services like digital marketing you can create a name for your company in search engines like Google by providing the service that suits your business.

what are the steps involved in website development company?
Website designing process
Collect the data and required documents by the company. To prepare the content is a graphic image Provide the graphic design to the client If there is any correction means it will be rectified At last, coding will build for the project to launch it.
How to choose the best website design company in Penang?
Why website important to the business:
If you have any needs, what do you do?
Two choices for that question, the first one is shopping in stores and the other one is shopping in google. 95% of people choose the second one. because, most people buy any products after checking product reviews, quality, and best prices compared to other companies.
Website is most important for the business promote in online,website identity to who you are
you have to analysis customer reviews to choose Penang website design company
some ways of choosing

What is a website? The website is something that everyone can use in everyday life, but it doesn't seem that we all use the website designing.
Suppose you want a mobile phone. First, you will find on Google what kind of mobile model, price, and all the information about it. Click on that file in your favorite mobile search and you will go in and see it.
On Google, all you can see is a website.
Every town has a name for how. Similarly, a website is designed for every professional to be their identity.A portion of you is authorized by Google through the Website.
The website serves as a bridge between you and your client so that your customers can easily understand who you are and what kind of business you do.

WWW is the link of online content through which your website is accessed via HTTP. Domain names are used to identify more than one IP address, for example, is a domain name IMPRESSBSS. Generally, .com is commercial website development and .org is used for educational institutions and .net is for network-related sites. What kind of websites are there and how they are used for business? This website is suitable for all professionals. Static and Dynamic website design: If you want to make any changes to the website you designed, you need to keep the designer and make changes. Dynamic Website is under your control and if you want to make any changes you can modify it with your own login. E-commerce: For example, if you are a seller, you can improve your business through Payment Gateway, for example, e-commerce web sites are very useful. Web Applications can make your business mobile app. Corporate and Entertainment website. Search Engine Modal Website. Personal and Gaming website. Microblog Site.

what is the difference between static and dynamic website designing pages
Static is one-way interaction here on this web page can't read and copy it. Dynamic is two-way interaction where we can upload the new image privately and also feedback to the web page management

What are the types of websites and their purpose?
There are websites for all kinds of needs in the world. Each website is designed to serve different purposes. But the goal of Web sites is to improve their business. Although the number of websites is increasing day by day, the types of web sites can be easily separated.
You can browse online using the web site to tell consumers about who you are and what kind of services you offer. When your service requires consumers they know who you are through your website and contact you if they like it. It is imperative to adapt your business to the growth of the industry over time. The website is used for education, work, and knowledge development. Some websites promote business, some websites attract visitors and buy and sell their products. Some websites are very useful for students and job seekers to take their life to the next level.

We hope that this content is useful for you to design any kind of website that you would like to create a new website designing company or improve your business. personal website: is a form that reveals a person's profile. All people need to know about them because they want to make it easy for people to communicate. Individual workers want to let their people know what kind of services they offer and they want this kind of website to show that they have a presence online. The personal website is not only a great way to create a directory online for you in the world, but this website is very useful if you want to showcase your skills.
Static website:Business owners want small and large businesses to create a consistent website.
Dynamic website:The dynamic web site can be designed and customized by anyone. The designer will give you a simple look at how to convert content and image.
E-commerce website:The cloud platform is used to easily sell online and attract customers.

What kind of technology do you support?
Technologies we use: PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT,and JQUERY.

How much cost to build the new website now
It depends upon your needs, don’t bother about the cost. The cost of a website can vary depending on various factors like Static website, Dynamic website, E-commerce website. Let me explain to you with a simple example: there are a lot of goods which can easily fulfill your needs. But it is important to note the quality of the goods for enhancement.

what is the payment terms in website design service in Penang?
You have to offer 60% of the total amount formerly. Then 40% of the money received from the client, after launching the project.

Explain the domain name?
It is a combination of letters and numbers it simply denotes the website address. Users can easily access the web page by using this domain. For ex: here impressbss is a domain name
why do we need to put our name on the website?
“To brand our website pages and also for our business promotion”, It helps to focus our websites to enhance the client impressions.

How can see your previous website work?
Yes sure, please go through our website development I have the logo already, can you create a new website? Yes our pleasure, We do best for this project We share our thoughts and ideas to do our best in this project and We also suggest the solution for further issues

What makes your company different?
Your project will have a high standard and will be accomplished at a reasonable price. Our work history has no failure record. We guarantee to surpass your expectations with our exceptional work.

Are your sites mobile-friendly?
Be it a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone of any screen size – Our web development company develops your website and brings out the best performance And smooth accessibility from it on any device.

What are the services provided to promote my business? We start to complete analyzing the project. Advertising or promoting your business is Google ads (PPC), Google map (Google my business account.) and also we create an individual business page in some social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.... By uploading or updating in some of your data’s day to day business life will reach the huge sum of people We also do another organic method i.e. SEO. Seo(search engine optimization) means we showing our website to get first in Google page. What are the services provided to promote my business? We start to complete analyzing the project. Advertising or promoting your business is Google ads (PPC), Google map (Google my business account.) and also we create an individual business page in some social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.... By uploading or updating in some of your data’s day to day business life will reach the huge sum of people We also do another organic method i.e. SEO. Seo(search engine optimization) means we showing our website design company to get first in Google page. How can I improve my business by creating a website? what do you do if you need something For example, suppose you need wood luggage. Nowadays, nobody goes to the store and gets to know the details directly. You will first find out what kind of wood luggage you have on your mobile or desktop. Customers who have already purchased the product will know about the effect of reviews. The website is the basis for everything in the process. Creating a website can easily improve your business on the internet.

Service Locations:

To Help Small & Medium, size Business run a successful marketing campaign in the US,UK, Australia ,Singapore Canada & India, by providing them the tremendous potential of Web design & Web Development strategies and also assist them in building their customer base to strengthen relations and reach their respective goals. We service a range of companies ranging from small to large corporates (mainly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). We have also undertaken web design projects for other Malaysian clients in Johor, Kedah - Alor Setar, Kelantan, Pahang, Perak - Ipoh, Perlis, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan - Seremban - Port Dickson, Sabah, Sarawak – Kuching, Selangor, Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur ., as well as non-Malaysian clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, and Australia . Wherever you are located, drop us a line if you feel we can help you.

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