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We Provide Custom Software Development Solutions in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Why do you need a custom software development New Jersey for your business?

You may have unique business rules to put in place. but you could not find off-the-shelf applications to resolve your problems. When we customize your application based on your specific needs. there is no need to comprise any feature.

We will automate your business processes. and provide your company with the application development solution you deserve. It will optimize your business processes and save you a lot of money. This application will improve your business. and increase your productivity by hundreds of presents.

We are a custom MySql development company. We would love to assist you with your database needs. such as Database optimization and creating stored procedures for your development team in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Custom Development Sabah includes the following:

  • Feasibility study which covers SDLC - System Development Life Cycle
  • Application development design, architecture development, and implementation
  • User interface design for the application development
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Database design and optimization
  • Migrating applications from old desktop to a web based applications
  • Resolving software issues when trying to grow
  • Re-engineering of the software

Need analysis for your Custom Software Development Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Desktop, Web, Mobile App Solutions

We will analyze your requirements at your office. and develop specifications and design the database. using a data modeling tool in the most efficient way. We will interview your employees and take note of all manual procedures, and aim to automate them. Based on the specific needs we will determine the type of application to develop. The application could be either desktop, web-based, or hybrid. which consists of web pages. while the internal application is use as a desktop for employees working in the office. This way we provide long-term solutions. where you will grow with your application. without the need to re-write it since it was thought through a long-term solution.

Website Design and Development Company Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

eSource is an experienced web designing company in Jacksonville, Florida. Our web development services will help you bridge a direct link to your customers. We have subject matter expertise in popular forms of content management systems. and our focus is always on responsive website development. Behind our every awesome design. there lie effective solutions with solid coding and audience-targeted features. that elevate your business to higher levels. Our approach to web designing combines a proper understanding of requirements. detailed analysis of current trends, mobile-first method. And usage of advanced technology along with tons of innovative strategies. eSource Software adds life to every website. we build, making them interactive, responsive, appealing, and in compliance with all regulations.

Mobile Application Development – the Future of Business in Sabah

It is no great secret that the future of technology is in mobile development. Smartphones and tablets have replaced desktops and even laptops. for much modern business uses. Everything from surfing the Internet and buying goods. to communicating with others and engaging now takes place on mobile devices. Is your organization keeping up?

In today’s business world you need to react immediately to any business opportunity coming your way.Any sale order or invoice printing that you may need to process. while you are on the field can put in place via mobile devices. With mobile application development we can provide you a total solution for your business needs.

We can develop your organization a custom sale order. or an invoice that fits your mobile device. or any software solution to increase your productivity. while you are outside your office.

Web Software Technology

Investing in industry-leading, best-fit technology. can empower your business by streamlining your operations, delivering more value to end-users. and establishing the agility you need to keep innovating and addressing emerging challenges. We’ve seen firsthand the potential for the technology. to be a key driver of continued success, no matter your industry or current obstacles. We are a passionate team of IT consultants working with businesses in Sabah. to identify the optimal custom software solutions tailored to current and future needs. When existing systems don’t cut it. our expertise in innovative technology solutions will maximize value for your business.

Our application development services

Our application development services from individual projects to full-on portfolio rationalization. We’re happy to work with businesses of all types. Solutions to address the unique challenges of small, medium, and enterprise-level organizations alike.

Whether you’re building a greenfield application or need to upgrade existing software. our software solutions will help realize your project goals and business vision. Our team specializes in web-based solutions, cloud application development, mobile application development, and UI/UX.

We can build you a web portal or spin up a modern mobile application in Android or IoS. We will create applications for the web or update your aging software with a fresh UI that boosts productivity. Heading to the cloud? We’ve got you covered there too. Our cloud application development solutions are platform-agnostic. and designed to drive your cloud strategy forward.

Whatever your technology challenges, we help you solve them with software that’s made for you. And with our development teams’ collective, cross-platform expertise. You can be sure that we’re able to work with the technology that best suits your organization’s needs.

Digital Marketing Services Company in Sabah

Capture Leads, Generate Sales & Find New Customers with an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

Emerging technology and a societal shift toward internet usage have revolutionized. the ways we engage with and sell to our customers. Capturing relevant information about customers, fans, followers, and friends enable us. to create more personalized interactions. We can better understand. how to provide the best possible experience for our target audience. With more and more customers turning to the internet. to fulfill their needs, having a strong online marketing campaign is essential.

We have tailored service packages perfect for businesses of all sizes and marketing needs. Through internal and client-facing meetings. strategy briefs, and years of creative and analytical experience. eSource is ready to get started on your next digital marketing campaign. We’ll get to work as you watch your business thrive. We’re here to chat when you’re ready.

  • Software development
  • Maintaining and re-engineering services on high-end Internet
  • Providing various IT solutions
  • Meeting the multifarious needs of the customers
  • Services in the field of application development, business intelligence and data warehousing
  • Product realization services, etc

We have perfected an impressive technique of delivering fast, effective, reliable solutions -- on time, in budget.
Engagement Models:
> Fixed Cost Projects
> Time & Material based
> Staff Augmentation.

We delivering following software solutions:

  • Consultation
  • Conceptualization and development
  • Planning and execution
  • Design and development
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Testing and Integration

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